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Posted by Quality Nylon Rope on 6th Apr 2016

While quality rope will withstand quite a bit of wear and tear, it still needs to be cared for to last as long as possible. Clean and Protect Your Ropes Marine grade rope will stand up to harsh UV rays and salt water, but taking time to care for it will help you get the most out of your rope. After your rope has been exposed to salt water, you should rinse it with freshwater before you store it. This will prevent the salt from… Read more

Posted by Quality Nylon Rope on 12th Nov 2015

Nylon or Polyester Rope? You can get whatever rope best fits your application, but most folks go with Polyester. Here’s why – All of our nylon and polyester products are manufactured with industrial grade fibers. Since about the mid 1980’s, these industrial grade fibers are so close in performance that most suppliers and retailers use them interchangeably. Either way, many simply label them as nylon due… Read more

15th Nov 2012

Polyester rope, which is still sometimes called by duPont’s trade name Dacron®, is a popular choice for many uses. Polyester fiber has excellent resistance to UV and also has high abrasion resistance. One thing that distinguishes polyester rope from the more popular nylon rope, is that polyester stretches very little during use. This makes it the perfect choice for guy lines, tents and any other time you need to have a line that stays  ta… Read more