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Posted by Quality Nylon Rope on 16th Oct 2017

When you’re readying your supplies for a job, you want to make sure that you have high quality materials at hand. Moreover, you want to make sure that the supplies you’ve purchased actually are what the company says they are. Unfortunately, it is common for retailers to label rope nylon when it is in fact a blend or different fibers. The next time you’re looking for  nylon rope for a project, make sure that it really is 100% nylo… Read more
For all twine, cables, cordage, and rope, fibers are the building blocks. Consequently, in order to best understand rope and the rope that you need for your business, you must first understand the different kinds of fibers and their varying properties. When it comes to industrial fibers, there are both synthetic and natural variations used for cordage. Here’s a cheat sheet to help you understand the most common synthetic and natural, indu… Read more

Posted by Quality Nylon Rope on 2nd Aug 2017

Have you ever wondered: what is the difference between nylon rope and polyester rope? If you have, you’re not alone. In fact, this is one of our most frequently asked questions. At QNR, we are happy to share our expert knowledge of ropes to help you find the best rope for your needs. Not sure what kind of rope you need? Learn the difference between nylon and polyester rope:Differences Nylon and polyester are both strong, syn… Read more

Posted by Quality Nylon Rope on 1st Jul 2017

Free 4th of July Rope Quality Nylon Rope is proud to say that all our products are made right here in America. To celebrate this fact, we're giving away 25 ft. of Red, White & Blue rope free with every order! The rope is 3/16" polypropylene American cord. The polypropylene fibers are UV-enhanced to extend the life of the rope much longer than normal. We thought we'd expand on the patriotic atmosphere from the 4th of July a little furth… Read more

Posted by Quality Nylon Rope on 8th Jun 2017

Just in time for camping season, QNR has multiple helpful resources on replacing tent pole guylines. We've made a printable infographic as well as a short YouTube video to help you get your tent line replaced quickly! How to Replace a Tent Guyline - YouTube Learn how to replace a tent guyline in under 2 minutes. Be sure to  subscribe to our YouTube channel for more "How To" videos! Infographic: Replacing a Tent Guyline… Read more