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Nylon rope is arguably the most common and well-known rope style. Where most of the industry has moved toward economy blends, our Nylon ropes and cords are still 100% nylon. This guarantees a product that is high strength and has excellent UV and abrasion resistance. 100% Nylon ropes are resistant to mildew, motor fuels, oils, cleaning fluids, and many other chemicals.If you’re looking to work with Nylon rope or increase your knot tying prowess,… Read more
In 2014, Trevor Chargois and his wife mutually decided it was time for him to quit his job and pursue other business ventures for the next phase of his career. He knew he had always been the creative, innovative type, but little did he know these traits would lead him to create a product that would change his life, a product that used Quality Nylon Rope’s bungee cord.The Origin of the Banana Bungee Around the same time that Trevor left his j… Read more
Bungee cords typically bring to mind images of adventure sports or utilitarian household tools, however bungee cord actually has a plethora of uses and home hacks. Bungee doesn’t just have to be for cliff diving or roof rack tie downs - think outside the box. It’s time to get creative-- here are 21 brilliant ways to use bungee cord! 1. Toy Holder A cool use for bungee cord is this toy organization unit! This creation w… Read more
How to Tie a Rope Knot A Boy Scout’s motto is “be prepared” for whatever may arise. This attitude is certainly worth incorporating into your own life, and a great place to start is by learning how to tie a rope knot. There are thousands of knots you can learn, but here are the 8 essential knots you should absolutely know: 1. The Bowline Knot The bowline knot gets its name from the bowline of a ship, and is one of the most… Read more
Whether you are camping, boating, rock climbing, or hunting and fishing, you’re probably using rope; that’s just the kind of tool rope is - highly versatile. So whether you have a specific activity in mind or you just generally find yourself outdoors quite often, it’s worth familiarizing yourself with the best types of rope for the outdoors.So, what’s the best rope for general outdoor use? Polyester rope.  Like Nylon, it pr… Read more