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Aramid Rope & Cord

Safe Use & Handling of Fiber Rope

High Strength, Low Stretch, Lightweight Aramid Rope and Cord

We manufacture our aramid ropes from fibers such as TwaronŽ and KevlarŽ. Our aramid/polyester ropes provide you with the strength of an aramid while overcoming its shortcomings with UV and abrasion by way of our protective polyester jacket.

50 ft Bulk (unspooled) 2.8mm (7/64") Aramid Cord with Polyester Jacket 2.8mm (7/64") Aramid Cord with Polyester Jacket

Lightweight and strong, this firm construction provides very low stretch. The UV and abrasion resistance provided by the polyester jacket is combined with the with the high strength and low stretch performance of the aramid core. Ideal for guy lines, tie-down and lacing applications.

Weighs 2.5 ounces per 50 feet.

We manufacture our Aramid ropes from fibers such as TwaronŽ and KevlarŽ.

50 ft for $8.00
100 ft for $12.00
250 ft for $28.00
500 ft for $53.00
1000 ft for $100.00

Break Strength is 590 lbs.

Warning: NOT FOR USE FOR PERSONAL SAFETY. Break strengths are for rope in good condition, in non critical applications and under normal service conditions. Do not exceed break strengths without expert knowledge of conditions and professional estimates of risk. Never stand in line with rope under tension or directly underneath rope under tension.

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KEVLAR® is a registered trademark of E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company.

Twaron® is a registered trade mark of Teijin Aramid BV.