Differences between Nylon Rope and Polyester Rope

In the world of rope, nylon is king. Most people are very familiar with nylon rope and it’s one of the most commonly used synthetic ropes.  However, polyester rope is actually very similar to nylon rope in a lot of ways, so which rope should you use? What are the differences between them? (Assuming both ropes are the same diameter, of course.)

The biggest difference between nylon and polyester rope is that nylon rope is more elastic and therefore stretches. In fact, it will stretch anywhere from 15 – 25% percent at it’s break point, depending on the application and conditions of it’s use. Polyester on the other hand will normally stretch from 5 – 10%, under the same circumstances.

As mentioned, other characteristics of polyester and nylon rope are very similar. While nylon is a bit stronger than polyester rope when dry, keep in mind that nylon loses some of it’s strength when wet. The range of loss is anywhere from 10 – 20%. When it comes to UV resistance, polyester ropes are somewhat better than nylon. Polyester also has a slight edge in abrasion resistance.

These are some of the things to keep in mind when you need to pick the right rope for your job.

Whatever that job is, turn to Quality Nylon Rope. We have the high quality nylon rope or polyester rope you need for a range of industrial, commercial, and other uses.

 Always keep in mind that the technical information depends on many factors such as how new or old the rope is, how the rope is used, under what conditions it’s being used as well as other things.


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