Polyester Rope and Cord

Polyester rope, which is still sometimes called by duPont’s trade name Dacron®, is a popular choice for many uses. Polyester fiber has excellent resistance to UV and also has high abrasion resistance. One thing that distinguishes polyester rope from the more popular nylon rope, is that polyester stretches very little during use. This makes it the perfect choice for guy lines, tents and any other time you need to have a line that stays  taut and and doesn’t stretch.

We know that black Dacron is very popular in a 3/16 size for use as guy lines and we have a product that fits the bill perfectly. It’s our black, 100 percent polyester cord in various lengths from 100 ft up to 3000 ft. As always, we have discounts on volume purchases starting at 2 each.



Cotton Rope

Cotton rope is still a popular all around rope, even with the rise in use of synthetic ropes such as nylon and polypropylene.

The 2 most popular sizes of cotton rope are 1/4″ and 3/8″, which we carry here at Quality Nylon Rope in various lengths.

One thing we need to caution you on is purchasing our cotton rope for use as toys for your pet or bird. Our cotton rope is a blend of cotton and polyester fibers and is not recommended for use with animals who may swallow any portion of the rope.

Our cotton rope is great for all other uses!