Twine is a small sized cord. It can be any fiber from hemp to nylon and is used for anything where things need to be bound or secured but a big break strength isn’t needed.

For a long lasting twine, it’s best to use either a nylon or polyester fiber since both these synthetic fibers stand up well to UV and have great abrasion resistance.

At Quality Nylon Rope we have 2 sizes of twine available, both made of premium polyester fiber. 1 is a #2.25 / 1.8mm Twine and the other is a 3/32″ / 2.4mm  Twine.



A Word About Cotton Rope / Sash Cord

Cotton Rope which is often called Sash Cord since it was used years ago as the sash in windows, could be considered the workhorse in the world of rope.

Though it’s lost favor with the advent of synthetic ropes, cotton rope is still a popular choice for many people and companies. Among other things people like the softness and the fact that it knots well. It continues to be very popular in the entertainment rigging industry.

We have two sizes of cotton rope to choose from, at the moment. The 1/4″ cotton rope and the 3/8″ cotton rope. We’ll be adding black cotton very soon.

Since our cotton rope is a blend of cotton and polyester one thing it should NOT be used for is bird or animal toys.



Twisted 3 Strand Polypro

Twisted 3 Strand Polypro is one of the most popular synthetic ropes. It’s cheap, fairly strong and in quite a few cases, will get the job done. Since it also floats you can see why poly rope is popular, especially in boating and other water based uses.

Because it’s made of mono polypro (polypropylene) it doesn’t have very good UV resistance but most people can live with that because it’s so cheap to replace.

Make sure when you’re comparing prices online of Twisted poly rope that you factor in the cost of shipping. Here at Quality Nylon Rope all of our prices include Free Shipping.