Soft Polypro Rope

Most people are familiar with polypro (ie polypropylene) rope from their hardware or home improvement store. The kind sold there is mostly mono filament polypro which is hard and brittle feeling and is usually offered with either 3 strands that are twisted together, such as the kind we offer here or flat-ish and hollow inside.

Did you know¬† that there is another kind of polypro rope that’s quite soft?This kind of rope is called Multi Filament Polypro and is used in many applications where it’s expected that someone will come in contact with the rope. Because of it’s soft feel it’s used as barrier rope and swimming pool lane rope, to name two. We currently offer this MFP rope in our clearance section at rock bottom prices such as this 1/4″ Black and White rope for only $50.00 for 1000 ft!

Make sure to check our Clearance section often where we offer first quality products at deeply discounted prices.

Cutting Rope

Most of us get our rope in a length that’s more than we need for a particular job we’re doing. Most of the time you’ll buy it in a length between 20 to 250 ft.

For those times when you do cut your rope, you can easily seal it by taking a lighter and lighting the end for a second or two. This melts the ends and prevents your rope from unraveling or looking frayed.